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London moving advice

Make the most of your move to London with advice on house hunting for London property, and tips on making the move as stress-free as possible. Read our range of guides to help with moving to London.

London Moving Guide: Tips for a Smooth Relocation

The prospect of transporting your possessions across London and getting them all there intact across the busy and often narrow roads may be a daunting prospect. So how do you ensure your moving day goes smoothly?

London moving advice

Piano Removals & Movers London

The moving of a large, awkwardly shaped object that can weigh anything up to half a ton – and that also happens to be a delicate musical instrument – can present unique challenges. For many people, their piano is also a highly cherished item that, understandably, they won’t want to take any unnecessary risks with.

London moving advice

London Conveyancing Searches

Engaging a conveyancer is an essential part of the home-buying process. Your conveyancer is the one who will deal with the exchange of legally binding contracts and the transfer of the property title to your name.

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Buying A Flat In London : Your Guide

The huge variation in London property prices combined with the high average price and a demand-driven market means that finding a flat in London can be a challenge.

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How to Apply for a Temporary Parking Permit in London?

If you are looking to move within central London, it’s important to plan your move well in advance. London’s unique parking restrictions make it particularly important to make early preparations to help avoid difficulties on moving day.

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Moving to Camden: London area guide

Our guide to buying and moving home in the lively London town of Camden.

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Woolwich: London Area Guide

Searching for a new home in south east London? Take a look at our London area guide to living in Woolwich.

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New Developments in London

When house hunting in London, there are many different property types to choose from and it can be difficult to decide what sort of home you’d like to live in. Find out about the new developments in London and what to consider when buying a new build home.

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Shoreditch: London Area Guide

Thinking of moving house to Shoreditch? Take a look at our guide to buying property in the popular, East London district of Shoreditch.

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