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How to pack a moving box

You would be surprised at how much space you can save by being able to pack a moving box correctly. We give you a step by step guide on moving your property correctly

How to pack a moving box

Your boxes will be holding some of your most important items, so it is worth investing in some good ones, and making sure you are packing them effectively.

You can save yourself time and money when shopping for packing materials by buying a ready-made moving kit. Order online and they can be delivered to your door.

Many removal companies lend out boxes and provide packing materials for you, if you choose to pack your own things, although there may be an extra charge for these.

If you are unsure of when you will need to begin packing when moving home, take a look at our Moving Checklist for a guide of when you’ll need to start sorting through and packing your belongings.

Constructing a moving box

We recommend that you use sturdy boxes for your removals. Begin with your flat-packed box. Open the box out and fold over the shortest flaps at one end. You should then fold over the longest flaps and secure them together with plenty of tape; enough to cover the entire length of the box and overlap up the sides.

If you are doing this in a hurry, make sure you look out for markings on the sides of the boxes – if your boxes have ‘This way up’ written on the sides, you will want to pack them the right way round, or your belongings could end up getting carried upside down.

Required packing materials

  • Good strong boxes

  • Lots of tape

  • Bubble wrap

  • Bold marker pens

  • Tissue paper or newsprint

Your removal company may be able to provide you with these packing materials, so be sure to ask your movers if they have this available.

Pack boxes with heaviest things at the bottom

Make sure that the weight is evenly distributed throughout the box. Pack light objects on top of heavier objects and take care not to place all the heavy items to one side of the box.

Pack light objects in big boxes and heavy items in small boxes (CDs, Books)

Reserve your biggest boxes for your lightest items; this will prevent any boxes becoming too heavy to lift.

Tip: If you have extra space in any of your boxes, you can fill these voids with any pillows, blankets and cushions that you need to move. Not only will they keep your other articles in place, they are a good way of filling up boxes with items you’re moving anyway, without adding too much extra weight.

Carefully label your moving boxes

Write ‘This way up’ on the box so that your removals men are aware of how to carry items securely to and from the removals van.

When you pack your boxes, don’t forget to indicate what is in the box and which room the box should go in. Also, clearly write any possible hazards, like ‘HEAVY’, ‘FRAGILE’, or ‘KNIVES’ and the direction that the knife blades are pointing.

Other information you may wish to write on the box is the box’s priority to be unpacked – label your main boxes with 1, the 2nd most important with 2, etc.

Your home removal company will have helped hundreds of people move home, so if you have any concerns about packing your items, they will be able to offer expert advice. You should also remember that most good removal companies will offer a packing service, for if you would rather leave it to the professionals.

Find out about the best ways of getting rid of your packing boxes after moving.

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