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Removals vehicle size

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Do I need to specify the size of vehicle my removals firm needs? These sizes all seem so complicated that I don’t know what we need and I'm worried that I will end up paying for a bigger one that I need, or having one that's too small and won't fit all my stuff.


Selecting the right size of vehicle for your move is not as straightforward as it may seem.

Clearly you’ll want to use a vehicle that will comfortably hold all your belongings, but at the same time you don’t want to spend money hiring a vehicle that is too large for your needs. So which vehicle should you choose?

Essentially, there are two main vehicle types used by removal companies in London: the Luton van 3.5 ton and the 7.5 ton lorry.  For house and office removals in London, a Luton van is very often the best choice of vehicle, being easier to park and operate than a larger lorry – especially where space and manoeuvrability are a consideration. For these reasons, in many circumstances, using two 3.5 tonners for your move can be more practical than using one 7.5 ton lorry, as cost and load volumes are pretty much identical (the capacity of a Luton van is approximately 600 cubic feet; whereas a 7.5-ton lorry is 1,200 cubic feet).

Alternatively, for long distance removals, using a single larger lorry is often more suitable and cost-effective.  

Brett Maxwell

Brett Maxwell

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