First Time Buyers Property Advice

Are you a first time buyer looking to get on the property ladder? We have a wide range of advice and information to help you at

Supersizing your Savings Guide

The third guide in our deposit saving series, here we look at how to make those big changes to get yourself closer to moving day.

Sacrificing to Save Guide

In our second guide to saving your deposit, we're helping those who have already made a start and are looking to increase their savings.

Starting Saving

It doesn't have to be all or nothing - ease into saving for your home deposit with the first guide in our deposit saving series.

What is a Gifted Deposit?

A large portion of First Time Buyers can only afford their deposit with help from family members.

Key Questions for New Build Home Buyers in the UK

If you’ve decided to buy a brand new property directly from the developer, make sure you get answers to these questions before you move in.

Snakes and Property Ladders

With getting on the ladder starting to feel more like a game with endless rules and steps to follow, why not learn as you play? Try out our Snakes and Property Ladders - just don't sssslip up!

5 Years After Buying a Help to Buy Home

The Help to Buy Equity loan comes with a 5 year interest-free period. When you reach the 5 year mark, what choices are available to you?

How to Choose Your New Neighbourhood

Everyone says it's all about location, but what if you could live anywhere? We've got some questions you can ask to narrow down the search.

First Time Buyer Tips from Moving Experts

We've been helping people move home for almost two decades - so we thought we'd grab some top tips from our partners to help those first time buyers.