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What are my legal rights to ensure repair work is completed in a new build?

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I recently purchased a new build eco house (November 8th 2014). Its main selling point was its ECO credentials. Unfortunately the thermal solar heating system has not worked correctly since I moved in. This has resulted in excessive electricity use and no heating for the last 6 weeks. Despite telling the developer/seller of the problems it has not been resolved. They have sent tradesmen who have failed to repair the system. They told me unofficially that the system was never signed off as working. What legal rights do I have to ensure the system is fixed?


With regards to being signed off I presume you mean in accordance with building regulation approval? If so, you should speak to your solicitors to check the contractual provision.
In a new build house purchase a clause is normally added to the contract giving a provision for the builder to provide the relevant building regulation completion certificate on or within a timescale following completion.
A litigator would be able to advise you if you have a claim for action over the developers.  

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