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Can I get a mortgage if I'm over 50?

It can be scary to feel like time is against you when it comes to getting a mortgage, or remortgaging your home. So is age really just a number in this case?


The benefits of moving to the countryside

With a recent increase in young people moving from London into the country, we look at the benefits moving to the countryside can have for you.

Finding a house

Moving into an unfurnished place – house essentials checklist

From packing to getting keys cut, there’s a lot to think about when you’re moving to a new place – but have you thought about what you need to buy?

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Renting a house or flat: which is right for me?

If you’re moving to a new rented home, you might be wondering whether a flat or a house is a better option.


Do I need a will after buying a house?

Once you’ve bought a new house, it may be time to consider planning some more for your future. Owning property means you should probably think about writing or updating your will.

Buying a house, First Time Buyer, After Your Move

What is property indemnity insurance?

If you or your conveyancing solicitor are anticipating legal issues to arise from your new property, it may be a good idea to consider property indemnity insurance.


Shared Ownership: What percentage should I buy to begin with?

How to decide what percentage of a Shared Ownership property to buy.

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Shared Ownership: who owns the rest of the property?

For some, the idea of not owning the whole of a property can be nerve-wracking, and the biggest concern is over who owns the rest of it, and what control do they have?

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How to sell a Shared Ownership property

If you’re looking to sell your Shared Ownership property, you might be wondering what the process is.

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