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Cost of moving house

When considering a house move, working out the cost and if you can afford it will be a priority. In the post-recession climate budgeting is particularly important as many homeowners have reduced spending power, and must make their money go further.

Cost of moving house

Although moving house is by no means a cheap endeavour, there is good news – it’s likely to cost you a great deal less now than in 1999. And it’s not just the overall cost that’s decreased, but also the individual cost of important moving services such as conveyancing and removals.

So don’t fret too much; just make sure you work out a very clear and accurate budget to ensure you’ve got sufficient funds available to pay for all moving-related costs.

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What is the average cost of moving house?

The average property cost is £167,000, and the total cost of moving for this price equals £1,385, over £1000 less than in 1999 when the average cost was £2,400. Broken down by moving service this equals:

  • Conveyancing: £570
  • Survey: £364
  • Removals: £451

Why has the price gone down?

There are three main reasons why the cost of moving has fallen. The availability of competitive moving services quotes, such as removals quotes, have allowed homeowners to go online and very quickly search a wide range of providers for the cheapest price. This has forced providers to drop their prices in order to remain competitive. Back in 1999 there were no moving service comparison sites, and homeowners were forced to phone around different companies and ask for quotes, which was particularly time-consuming.

Favourable stamp duty breaks also benefit first-time buyers. In 1999 1% stamp duty would have been payable on the £167,000 house, equalling £1,670. As of 2010, all house purchases of £250,000 or less have had stamp duty suspended, and purchases below £125,000 attract no stamp duty at all.

In December 2014, stamp duty reforms offered a reduction is the stamp duty paid for properties worth under £937,500. Before the reforms, stamp duty on the average property price (£265,000 in November 2014) would have been £7,950, but following the implementation of the changes is now £3,250.

Finally, with the advent of sat nav, email and online management systems, solicitors, Chartered Surveyors, and removal companies are all able to work more efficiently, to manage their time appropriately and to avoid wasting unnecessary travel time.

Find out about home buyers' experience with unexpected costs when moving home in this Which? video about the cost of moving home.


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