Removals advice when moving house

Read through some helpful articles written to help you with your move.

Removals insurance

Your insurance firm may require an extra premium to cover your move, (an ‘outside the home’ or ‘personal possessions’ supplement) but this can be less than the price of a takeaway! Okay, possibly around the £30 mark.

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How to pack when you move house

Moving house is notoriously a stressful time, especially when there’s lots to think about and organise. If you’ve been worrying about which rooms you should pack first, when you should start packing or even how to pack your house, we’ve put together a handy guide to help make your move stress-free.

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Removals costs

Working out the cost of removals can be a daunting experience. Prices are mainly calculated on the volume of items that you wish to have moved and the distance of the move. However, every house move is different, so depending on what services you require will depend on the final costs.

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Man with a Van – top tips for hiring a man with a van

Hoping to save money on your house move by using a man with a van? Make sure you discover the important information about any man with a van you are considering using by asking these key questions.

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Removals Glossary

Not sure of the meanings of some of the terms your removal company has used? We have a comprehensive list defining all the moving home jargon to help you during your house move.

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5 important tips for removal quotes

Moving home can be an overwhelming time, so it’s important to avoid any last minute surprises with the cost of your removal service. We list five essential tips to help you understand your removal quotes and make sure the quotes you receive are accurate.

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10 things to do before your moving day

Find out ten tasks you can do to help make the first few days in your new home less stressful.

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Save money moving house – decluttering tips

Decluttering is, unfortunately, one of the most time-consuming stages of moving home, but if you have a good system it won’t feel so painful. Here are our tips on how to declutter your home and save money moving house at the same time...

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You’re moving house – should you use self storage?

Read our top tips to making your house move stress-free by using self storage and removal services.

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