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How can I cut the costs of moving home?

  1. Ed from Truro
  2. 17 December 2014
  3. Moving home questions and answers


Hello! Do you have any tips on cutting the costs of moving home? I’ve had to move home every year for about 5 years and it really adds up, what with delayed deposit returns, moving vans etc. Any money saving tips would be great!


Hello Ed. Yes, the costs add up but there are ways to save money when moving house.

Use a comparison site so you can get handfuls of quotes as a starting point to help you find the best price. With reallymoving.com you can get multiple instant quotes for removals, conveyancing, house surveys and EPCs. We have been going since 1999 so we have a lot of partners on board.

You don’t need to pay for an expensive local solicitor; these days conveyancing can be done online with emails and occasionally posting documents. Beware also of referral fees – many estate agents get paid £100s of pounds for recommending a conveyancer – so remember to ask your estate agent what they are being paid for the referral.  A lot of conveyancing specialists have case management systems that you can log into 24/7, unlike the independent solicitors on the high street. These IT facilities enable the larger out-of-town conveyancers to keep their costs down.

You should also be careful about false economies – a removal company can do your packing and will therefore save stuff from getting broken. Make sure that all the extras you are getting from your removal company are included in your quote, so you won’t get any surprises down the line. We have an article outlining important tips for removals quotes.

Although it may not appear so, using a removal company will often work out more cost-effective than hiring a van and doing it yourself, after factoring in the cost of petrol, insurance and the hiring of the van, especially if you are moving all your furniture and items some distance.

Having your own survey means you may be able to negotiate off the asking price if it turns up something you didn't expect. Getting a house survey from a Chartered Surveyor will also save you money in the long run if there is any repair work needed on the property.

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