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How do you pack for a move abroad?

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Would you please be able to tell me what the difference in process is for packing, wrapping and boxing for an international move and for a domestic UK move? Thank you.


The packing for a domestic removal differs as the journey your items are taking is usually over a shorter distance than for an international move.

For a domestic move, all items are wrapped (if fragile) and packed into the appropriate boxes, usually purpose designed for that particular item i.e. china boxes, linen boxes, book boxes etc.

Furniture that is being moved is usually wrapped in special removal packing blankets (known as blanket wrapping). These blankets are brought to the house move by the removal firm and then removed when the furniture is delivered.

Sometimes items such as very fragile, antique or specialist items (such as chandeliers) are crated (this is when a purpose built crate is made for the item to be moved in). This is also the often the same process for a move within Europe.

For an international deep sea move all small items are wrapped and packed as for a domestic move but all boxes are labelled with a numbered label. The numbered label is then entered with a description of its contents on to a packing list. This is required for the order of packing of the goods into your container for your international move. It is also required for customs clearance.

Some destinations will also require an extra separate valued inventory for high value or electrical items depending on your destination.

All furniture will be export wrapped by your international removal company. Export wrap is a special kind of wrapping that consists of several layers of different material that ensures your furniture is protected, but also is still able to breathe. This is to ensure that there is less chance of condensation forming, which can occur with temperature changes whilst your goods are in transit to your new home abroad.

Export wrapping furniture for overseas moves will also protect the surfaces of the items from damage, unlike bubble wrap which, if applied directly to some surfaces, can cause damage upon removal if it has undergone any temperature changes during transit.

All furniture that is fragile, especially valuable or a specialist items, will also be crated, such as large flat screen TVs, mirrors, pictures etc. 

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