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Where can I get moving boxes?

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I’m moving house in just over a month and need to start packing up my belongings. Where can I find packing boxes? A friend of mine suggested the supermarket but is there a better place I can get them from?


Yes, you can choose to buy boxes for your house move from places like supermarkets. You can buy them also from commercial storages that you should be able to find across a town. However, those sources may not always sell boxes that are both durable and inexpensive.

Moving fragile household goods is quite a thing and from my experience choosing poor quality boxes often leads to costly results at the end of a removal day. Instead of using supermarkets and storages I would rather advise you to buy boxes from removal companies as they are the experts in the field and they understand a need for good quality packing materials. Not all removal companies sell packing materials but those who do usually have best quality boxes that are both durable and inexpensive.

I would advise you to find out if the very company that will quote for your move provides packing materials. The reason for that is they will get to know a type of household you have to remove and based on that they will be able to choose the most appropriate size, shape and amount of boxes that is required. Furthermore the most ideal solution for you would be to find a company that will not only move your household but also will lend you boxes and other packing materials with discounted rate or even free of charge.


Kris Kazimierski

Kris Kazimierski

London House Removals

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  • Packers5th.in

    posted on 19 Jun 2017

    Where can I get moving boxes in my transfer and my Packers? This is a good post for services and packers of safety goods and movers packing and transfer services. Thank you for doing the information given in this post and sharing with us.

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